What should I wear?   Something loose and comfortable that you can move in.  Footwear needs to be supportive and for ladies especially you’ll need to be able to spin around so nothing too grippy!  Gents, the same although less spinning for you for sure!

Do I need to bring a partner?  Certainly not, lots of people learn to dance on their own, and make new friends in the process.  Partners are welcome of course but you certainly don’t need one to enjoy learning to dance.  In fact it’s more desirable to dance with lots of different people so you don’t get used to just the same person, or develop bad habits!

How do I get a dance?  You simply ask politely, men ask women, women ask men.  It’s simple, and no-one should refuse to dance with you either … we were all beginners at one point, dancing with people who have more experience than you can really accelerate your learning.

Do I need any previous dance experience?  No, all you need to be able to do is walk, left, right, left, right.  If you have rhythm or play an instrument you might find this helpful but it’s certainly not essential.  Know your left from your right foot too!

What kind of music is played?  All sorts, all decades and genres including current chart toppers – as long as it has a steady, easy to follow beat you can dance Modern Jive to, we’ll endeavour to play it.  We encourage music requests and our Committee take great care to ensure that playlists are suitable for Modern Jive whilst also meeting the needs of all our dancers.

How soon will I be able to dance?  You will learn 3 or 4 beginner moves on your first visit so you will be able to dance straight away.  As you progress you will experience many of the 21 beginner moves and some more challenging moves but you will learn at YOUR pace and dance coaches are on hand to help and guide you through your dance journey.

When should I come to a freestyle evening?  No rules, whenever you feel comfortable dancing a few moves as a leader or a follower and you want to have a great night practicing what you have learnt, or just come along for a nice social evening where you can chat with your new friends or ones you have come along with.

What is the format of a typical evening?  On a class night you will expect to have a beginners lesson at 8pm, where 3 or 4 beginners moves will be taught.  This will be followed by a practice session.   Following this we have a level-up class for those that have been dancing around 6 weeks.  Concurrently we have 1:1/small group coaching for beginners and those wanting to improve before moving up to the next level.   After the level-up class there is over an hour of freestyle time where you can enjoy the rest of the evening practicing what you have learnt, dancing and socialising with friends.

Liftsharing:  If you don’t drive and would like to come along, please do contact us and we will see if we can arrange for someone who lives near you to pick you up.